Nick: Mice
Groups: Brainstorm (pc), Supergroup (amiga)
(also a lifetime member of Zenon (amiga).)
Real Name: Mikko
Location: Kemi/Finland
Occupation(s): Master of the Universe.
Hobbies: Composing music (with Amiga- And Pc-trackers + real music in a band called Body By JAYK),
drawing (ugly gfx for amiga-related stuff), playing guitar, drinking beer, etc.
E-Mail: mice.zenon at gmail.com

Computers: Amiga 1200/060/66MHz/64mb + PC
Most popular trackers: Renoise, ProTracker, AHX, Skaletracker
Guitars: Ibanez JEM 7RB + Ibanez RG7620 + Ibanez RG1527
Any strings: Yes, 6+7+7. Usually just seven.
Any effects: Only Boss GT-3.
What's in the glass: Beer
Drunk already: Ooooh yeah!
Ready for stupid questions then: Hit me.
Lost In Translation: YES!
What rocks: Soilwork
What's on tv: Corner Gas
Are you stupid: Sorry I don't understand the question.
You're kidding, right?: NARF!
What's progressive: Dream Theater, Rush, Spock's Beard,...
What's scary: The Grudge
If I send you a question, will you answer it: Propably.
The meaning of life: 42
WANHA!: Yes, but that's not really a question.

If you want to know more about me, use e-mail and I might give you some answers...
Or I'll just add the q/a here.