Here you can find most of the demoscene-music composed by me.
(Modules, XM's, AHX's, DBM's, MP3's, SID's, etc.)

For playing these files with AMIGA:
-> Use HippoPlayer or DeliTracker, or sumthing...
If you want to play these with Pc:
-> Use Fasttracker, XMPlay, or WinAmp-Plugin, Skaletracker, or sumthing...

90's Dream 2:56 (6,8M, 320kbit)
- 12th place in Sundown 2010 streaming music competition.
Rainbow Flows 2:00 (2,8M, 192kbit)
- 4klang-tune. Used in Rainbow Flows 4k intro by Traction.
Primitive 2:05 (2,9M, 192kbit)
- Used in Primitive 64k intro by Brainstorm.
Moldtype 1:39 (1,9M, 160kbit)
- 4klang-tune. Used in Moldtype 4k intro by AKF.
Patenga 2:07 (2,4M, 160kbit)
- Softsynth-tune. Used in Patenga 4k intro by Traction.
Supergroove 2 3:16 (4,5M, 192kbit)
- Used in Supergroove 2 Amiga-demo by Supergroup.
Deadend4k 2:03 (2,3M, 160kbit)
- Softsynth-tune. Used in Deadend 4k intro by ADF.
Statics4k 2:01 (2,3M, 160kbit)
- Softsynth-tune. Used in Statics 4k intro by Traction.
Progressive Touch 3:06 (7,1M, 320kbit)
- 16th place in Breakpoint 2008 streaming music competition.
Electric Ocean 3:36 (5M, 192kbit)
- Used in Electic Ocean Amiga-demo by RNO and Brainstorm.
FUnCK 3:30 (6,4M, 256kbit)
- 1st place in Stream 07 Listening music competition!
Ballad 5:38 (7,7M, 192kbit)
- Co-op with Buzzer. Used in Hugi #33 diskmag by Hugi.
Day After Eternity 3:24 (7.7M, 320kbit)
- Co-op with Buzzer. 6th place in Breakpoint 2007 streaming music competition.
Arsembled 4:06 (5.7M, 192kbit)
- Used in Solaris by Brainstorm.
Stream Overflow 3:02 (4.2M, 192kbit)
- Co-op with Buzzer. Our contribution to Assembly 2006 freestyle music competition. Jury didn't like it.
Stars 2:50 (5.2M, 256kbit)
- 15th place in TRSAC 2005 Streaming music competition.

Road To Circus 2:54 (269kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. 4th place in Sundown 2010 Oldschool Music competition.
Supercool 2 2:49 (39kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Superkewl by Supergroup.
Meteli 2:39 (40kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Supercool by Supergroup.
Sanningen 2:59 (298kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in The Freshmaker by Focus Design.
Groove 2:59 (729kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Supergroove by Supergroup.
Opium 2:22 (28kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Leisner by Brainstorm and Focus D.
Smooth 2:41 (112kb)
- 10ch XM. Used in Pain#58 Announcement by Neural.
Gandhi 3:54 (359kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Jurassic Pack #15 by Scarab and Moods.
Kolors 2:25 (29kb)
- 4ch Protracker module. Used in Digital Paper by Deviance.

Quest For Shrubbery 2:16 (4kb)
- 5th place in Breakpoint 2010 Executable music (oldschool) competition.
Dekadance 2:20 (3kb)
- 6th place in Breakpoint 2008 Executable music (oldschool) competition.
SGroup ?:?? (5.1kb)
- AHX. Used in Any Color by Brainstorm.
Sexty4 ?:?? (5kb)
- SID. My first C64 tune, made just for fun.

For any questions, feel free to contact me at mice.zenon at gmail.com

Rest of the songs are still unorganized, but you can either go here
and download any tune you want(also the latest songs).